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Training That Gets to the Heart of the Matter

Be Your Own Hero Training, based on the Award Winning, #1 Amazon Best Selling,  book of the same name, gets to the heart of a decision that so often involves many emotions. This program teaches more than soft skills; it will help your staff meet individuals and families where they are, to encourage shifts in the decision process to overcome common objections and concerns.

Over the course of a few days, your team will deepen their understanding of the senior living decision process with training that is tailored to your organization. Whether you need to sharpen your current sales process or make significant shifts in your approach, BYOH Training provides effective and efficient results.

BYOH Training will help shorten the time from inquiry to move in, as your team learns tips to help individuals work through roadblocks in the decision process in a timelier manner, ultimately increasing occupancy.

Training That is Effective

BYOH Training addresses the emotional aspects and misconceptions often associated with senior living decisions. Many times these roadblocks are hindering a person’s ability to make proactive and safe choices during their aging years. Along with providing tools that will help your staff be more effective, BYOH Training also teaches professionals how to help their clients understand and address concerns so they feel empowered to make necessary decisions.

Training includes modules, class time, interactive sessions and role-playing in an effort to help your team practice and retain what they’ve learned. This focus on practical application is key to successfully developing new skills.

BYOH Training introduces simple-to-use strategies that have the most impact and successful outcomes. BYOH Training is realistic, practical and proven.

Your team will also receive a copy of Catherine’s book, Be Your Own Hero: Senior Living Decisions Simplified, helping to reinforce the training’s key tenants, and giving them a tangible tool to add to their toolboxes.

Along with staff development and training, Catherine offers informative presentations geared toward clients and their families that are designed to help facilitate difficult conversations regarding the decision-making process.

BYOH Training Outcomes

  • Understand and identify the emotions and concerns that are keeping people from making positive, and often necessary decisions. 
  • Learn simple and effective strategies to better understand and work through common objections.
  • Help prospects and family members understand and address concerns so they feel empowered to make necessary decisions.
  • Be able to use these techniques to shorten and simplify the decision process, helping to increase occupancy.

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