July 3, 2018 – Interview with Lori La Bey, host of Alzheimer’s Speaks on BlogRadio. Lori La Bey has been recognized by Oprah as “Health Hero” for 2018, by Maria Shriver as an “Architect of Change” in 2016 and by Dr. Oz and Sharecare as the “#1 Influencer Online for Alzheimer’s” in 2012.  Lori La Bey and Catherine L. Owens speak from two different backgrounds of experience with Alzheimer’s and dementia but find common ground in experiencing such troubling times as ones of caring for individuals and their needs.  Together they discuss aging well, with safety and support, opening up dialogue with loved ones for meaningful conversations, and so much more.

Catherine has worked with many families through difficult decision making. These emotionally driven, intimately personal times, have charted the course of her work. Listen in to this segment and gain an insight into the mission of Be Your Own Hero: Senior Living Decisions Simplified.

Catherine talks with Kelly Klaas and Jill Skeem about “Be Your Own Hero” and senior living decisions.


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