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I will tell you, I took 4 pages of notes, even though I have already read the book!

It was very helpful, and her life experience with real people helped me a lot and made me feel that I was listening to someone with valuable experience.

Bob A.

Individual Researching Senior Living Options

Throughout her career in the senior living industry, Catherine L. Owens has seen how seniors and their families can become overwhelmed while trying to make quality-of-life decisions. She found that they didn’t know the right questions to ask, and more importantly, to ask the questions that would help them through the senior living decision process.

Catherine set out to change all of that. 

Catherine speaks to audiences across the country about trends in the senior living industry, little-known senior resources, the right time to research senior living options, ways to educate yourself, and the role that adult children often have in the decision process. 

Senior living decisions are emotional, complicated, and include many factors.  Catherine hopes to debunk the myths surrounding senior living and to create a movement of knowledgeable and independent seniors who research their options early. 

Catherine’s greatest wish is to help seniors and their families make educated decisions when it comes to senior living and to help senior living communities provide the best information and customer service possible. Her ideas are revolutionizing the industry.

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What Attendees Are Saying

“I just got off the phone with Ann S. who is a very lively 92-year-old that drives a sports car and has a PhD in Engineering. She attended your Zoom presentation this past month and I took her your book and asked her to let me know what she thought.  I wanted to share with you that she called today and was so impressed with your book and how you addressed the issues related to making these decisions and did it in a kind and thoughtful way.  She said to tell you kudos to you and thank you for getting the message across so succinctly and so beautifully. I could go on and on, but I am sure you get the idea, she was absolutely floored by you.

Thank you for all that you do for us, Catherine!”

Nathan J.

Senior Living Professional

“I have to say, I believe everything she said. I could be a co-conspirator. It made me feel that I made the right choice and did things in the right order.”

She seems like a person I’d like to meet.

She gave the feeling she wanted to do best for people and give good advice. I’d love to get to know her and talk to her. Not to discuss her presentation, but to get to know her. She was one of those people I felt I could really relate to. She is a very good speaker and very understandable.”

Betty A. 

Resident at a Senior Living Community

“I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation this afternoon.  It answered questions that existed in my mind regarding moving to an active retirement community. My husband and I have decided to consider making this move together rather than waiting and having one of us being forced to do so. We feel that we can adjust to the community together and develop relationships with others.  I’m looking forward to receiving the book and reading it.  Thank you for making this presentation available.”

Carolyn K.

Individual Researching Senior Living Options

“Thanks for the webinar. Catherine speaks from experience – mine!, it seems, with my mom, AND mine to come — hoping to avoid all the worst-case scenarios Catherine described, which I am living through with mom, and am hoping to avoid for myself and my spouse.

I wish a year or two ago my brother, myself, and my mom could have all watched this webinar. But that was the problem— mom and my brother were avoiding reality, and I was pleading, crying, being angry, talking reasonably – all to no avail. Then one crisis, and another, and a third. I wish I would have had some of her focusing “questions to ask yourself” to hit home the point.  I can say this – some of the things Catherine discussed help me to understand what happened, and didn’t happen. I appreciated the opportunity to hear Catherine speak. Please extend my thanks.”

Diane S.

Family Member