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What Clients and Readers Are Saying

Catherine Owens is the guide you want to lead you through the wilderness of misinformation and mistaken assumptions about senior living. Her extensive experience makes her eminently qualified as navigator, counselor, and coach for making the necessary decisions that will significantly impact the quality of the next phase of your life.

Roger Landry MD MPH

Author of Live Long, Die Short

She answered my questions that existed in my mind regarding moving to an active retirement. My husband and I have decided to consider making this move together rather than having one of us be forced to do so. Thank you for making this presentation available.



A powerful and preparatory tool for seniors and adult child caretakers in making well-thought-out decisions about senior living options before a crisis or emergency strikes. Senior living expert Owens approaches this highly sensitive topic about transitioning to senior living options through a set of eight proactive concepts. She opens each concept with a thought-provoking quote that gently segues into a commonly accepted paradigm and then weighs that perception against the reality of the situation.

San Francisco Book Review

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