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Shine On, You Crazy Diamond:

Even When Your Crown Feels Heavy

Interview With The Author

In this up close and personal interview, Catherine shares  what motivated her to write her Internationally Award Winning book, along with the process of overcoming the common barriers and roadblocks that so many people face when deciding to write a book. Catherine offers the audience additional insight and heartfelt experiences that speak to the purpose, goals, and hope for this incredible book that continues to inspire, touch and leave a lasting mark on all those that read it. 

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Shine On, You Crazy Diamond:

Even When Your Crown Feels Heavy

Awards & Recognition 


Shine On, You Crazy Diamond:

Even When Your Crown Feels Heavy

Written for Women

“I have come to realize that even when we are born with such an innate belief in ourselves, how easily that belief can become masked, hidden, or taken from us. I am also learning just how much of an impact environmental circumstance, the value systems of society, cultural conditioning, family expectations, religious upbringing, abuse and traumas, choices we make, the opinions of others, along with many other factors can and will influence that belief in ourselves, often hindering all that we are meant to do and be.”

“My hope in writing this book is that by sharing some personal experiences of lessons learned through the process of clearing out the debris of shame, guilt, unrealistic expectations from self and others, social stigmas, childhood traumas, and other unnecessary and unrealistic pressures that we as women often put on ourselves, that I will hopefully inspire other women to use their personal experiences, circumstances, past decisions, hurts, and disappointments, as opportunities for healing and growth, freeing themselves of the cages that keep them from believing in
themselves, living a life with intention, joy, love, and purpose, where they stand in their truth and light, as they become the incredible woman that they are capable of and meant to be.”



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"Shine On, You Crazy Diamond: Even When Your Crown Feels Heavy by Catherine L. Owens is a phenomenal self-help book. It was written originally for women but is suited for anyone and everyone who needs help finding themselves again, needs some guidance, advice, or just wants to read someone's life story and get inspired. While sharing her life stories. Owens talks about subjects such as shame, guilt, religion, self-love, societal expectations, and so much more.

Owens writes honestly, and there is no better way to connect with a reader than being 100% honest. She shares her raw emotions, even giving readers parts of her personal diary entries. She puts into words thoughts we have all had at some point in our lives. The focus is not on fixing flaws but accepting that we are flawed and still have value despite those flaws.

One of the topics Owens covers is being raised Mormon. how that affected her growing up and how her premarital pregnancy with her first daughter changed the way she viewed the Holy Spirit and religion. Who gives the right to a random person to tell her what her relationship to God will be like? The way society views families and what they should be, and other related topics.

The book is lengthy. However, the chapters are written so perfectly that you will read them in no time. In addition to that, the book is overflowing with all sorts of self-love and acceptance quotes that will make you feel better about yourself and your life.

Shine On, You Crazy Diamond: Even When Your Crown Feels Heavy by Catherine L. Owens is more than a self-help book; it is a book that will help you raise your head and be proud of yourself, your life, and your accomplishments. This book will appeal to women looking for uplifting journals. books on women's issues. and educational books."

- Review from Literary Titan

"Catherine L. Owens, and this incredible book that felt as if it was written just for me has managed to make my ‘top ten’ list of 2021. There are many out there who write books that are focused on helping females in this world. They address a variety of issues, like being seen as the “underling” to a man; attempting to be an equal in the workplace; balancing a career and motherhood so that you can be successful at both, and more. But when it comes to a majority of those tales, the information is either seen from a clinical point of view or an emotional one that leaves us more disappointed than we were before we chose to read that particular book. In “Shine On You Crazy Diamond,” however, we are offered a collection of poignant and witty stories, quotes, experiences, and even journal entries by the author that help a woman increase her self-esteem, laugh out loud, and find a way to embrace her flaws while building confidence at the same time. And there’s nothing clinical about it. Strength and boldness are taught to us by this author, who shares personal lessons she has learned throughout life. Whether it be the over-the-top expectations people had for her that added extra stress to her days or trying to get over the social issues and beliefs that negatively affected her, Catherine’s stories have the ability to advise and help women in all stages of life. On each page, the author shows how to transform disappointments into opportunities; she teaches ways that women can escape the “cage” society puts them in and allows them to see the incredible person they were born to be. One of my absolute favorite sections in this book is titled, “Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?” The subject matter is not only helpful for a woman turning fifty, but it also would equally help the millions of young girls out there who need someone to talk to—a mentor who will help them through the most difficult times in early life where self-worth is lost due to the fact that young girls are inundated with the pressure of being slim, pretty, and popular.

“Shine On You Crazy Diamond” is definitely a work I wish I had been given back in the day. The empowerment it gives to women, I believe, has no equal on bookshelves today. I would recommend reading this and then passing it to all generations of females in your family."

- Reader Views Review

International Award-Winning Book, “Shine On, You Crazy Diamond: Even When Your Crown Feels Heavy”

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