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Health, wellness, and quality of life, at any age, is often directly related to lifestyle choices a person makes, good and bad, and how those lifestyle choices impact their ability to maintain and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

The most common fear clients share is the fear of “getting older” because of the idea that a decline in physical and cognitive ability, loss of independence, the inability to care for oneself, or continue living the lifestyle they enjoy, is a direct result of “getting old.”

A long-term study by the MacArthur Foundation found that 70 percent of physical aging and approximately 50 percent of mental aging is determined by lifestyle choices we make every day.

Imagine the positive impact it could have in your life if you were to shift your mindset from focusing on the fears we have associated with “growing older,” to a mindset of incorporating lifestyle choices that enable you to better control and determine how well you age.

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Catherinealong with the other 27 featured authors and Scriptor Publishing Group will donate proceeds from What’s Next? Igniting Change & IMPACT in Health, Fitness & Life…NOW! to The Durkin IMPACT Foundation.