Praise for “Be Your Own Hero”

Be Your Own Hero Book Cover
Be Your Own Hero: Senior Living Decisions Simplified

By Catherine Owens
Aloha Publishing, $19.95, 112 pages, Format: Trade

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

What is keeping me from making this decision [to move into a senior living community]? What will I gain by making a change? How do I define independence? What are you currently doing to stay engaged with friends, family, or peers? What assets or additional resources do I have that will contribute to my ability to cover my monthly costs of living? These are just a few of the several questions addressed in //Be Your Own Hero//. Owens debut guidebook is a powerful and preparatory tool for seniors and adult child caretakers in making well-thought-out decisions about senior living options before a crisis or emergency strikes.

Senior living expert Catherine L. Owens approaches this highly sensitive topic about transitioning to senior living options through a set of eight proactive concepts. Owen opens each concept with a thought-provoking quote that gently segues into a commonly accepted paradigm and then weighs that perception against the reality of the situation. For instance, in her first concept that deals with “making a decision,” Owen presents the accepted thought process by most seniors:  “I will know when the time is right.” The reality is that “uncertainty and emotions may keep you from making a wise decision.” Now that she has just cut to the chase on stumbling-block issues, Owen adds a personal touch to her narrative by using second person point of view to back up her reality statement and then closes the section with a set of first-person questions for further reflection and discussion.

Aside of “uncertainty and emotions,” Owen ties that first concept to the second as she covers the motivating factors essential for making the move to senior environs. Of course, another concept to contemplate is defining independence. From there, Owens moves into understanding who the key influencers in this stage of the aging game are, and, in many cases, that position falls onto the adult child. Another aspect very few seniors consider is the concept of engaged living and the need for social interaction. Of course, high on the charts is cost. Owens includes worksheets to create a real picture of what the present cost of living looks like before doing a side-by-side comparison with various senior living options and services. In describing these options/services, Owens breaks it down even further by listing their benefits, disadvantages, average costs, and additional expenses. Owens also includes tips when checking out places/services and a slew of pertinent questions to raise — all a part of the process in making that final informed senior living decision.

Having witnessed first-hand the step-by-step procedure that my recently deceased mother-in-law had to go through when she went into assisted living, I wholeheartedly concur with the valuable information Owens relays in her resourceful book. Kudos to Owens for accomplishing her goal: “My sincere desire is that this book will offer some guidance, direction, and peace of mind as you contemplate and navigate the difficult decision of senior living services for yourself or a loved one.” 

Reviewed by Anita Lock, San Francisco Book Review


Finally, a book that simplifies a very complicated process for anyone making Senior Living Decisions. Catherine has done a fabulous job simplifying the entire process for families helping a family member get to the right place. Critical information is for families to be informed before they start looking in the Senior Living Industry. Knowledge is power and Cather has provided all the tools for success! – Rod Hansen, Review


This book identifies the realities that individuals face and need answers to when addressing care issues for themselves and or a loved one. This book is an easy read, much like a guidebook, concise, effective, definitive and honest. More than that, it has heart, it is effective and enjoyable. “Be Your Own Hero” should be read by most everyone, in healthcare or not. – Victoriana, Review


Having recently gone through the process of seeking a decision about moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community, we can vouch for the fact that the questions that she poses are exactly those to which we sought answers, and that her responses are “spot on”! When we heard that someone had finally authored a book on this most important topic, we wanted to read it to review for our many friends who are right now in the throes of making these decisions. We plan on gifting them all with copies of “Be Your Own Hero”. – Colorado Woman, Review


I particularly appreciate your chapter approach of stating the ‘Accepted Thought Process’ and then the ‘Reality’. This approach immediately clarifies a topic and serves as a sort of thinking guideline for the chapter information. The financial information and worksheets are presented in a clear understandable way, which easily includes participation from all family members. What a wonderful book– Karla Kvasnikoff


After finishing “Be Your Own Hero,” I just had to tell you that it should be read by everyone that has turned 60 or above. You have covered all aspects of our lives, weighed them in the proper perspective, as most people truly feel leaving their home is losing their independence. The book definitely needs more exposure so let’s get you on TV and tell the world. The book is sheer excellence and you should be proud as the author is a HERO. – Janice N. Brown